How I got started

One of the top questions I am asked is: “How did you get started doing upholstery and making custom soft furnishings?”

Tools that belonged to my husband's grandmother.

I stumbled into starting Springwood Upholstery when decorating my first house. It started out with shopping for the perfect fabric for window treatments and decorative pillows. I didn’t even own sewing machine and had to borrow one from my best friend. Everyone who walked into my house asked “Where did you get your window treatments?” and were surprised to hear that I made them. The upholstery part came in a year later when I went to one of my favorite used furniture stores. I found a lovely wing chair that was structurally solid but had outdated fabric. On a whim I purchased the chair and took it home. I intended to pay someone to recover it for me, but I kept putting it off.

A few years later, I started dating my (now) husband and told him how I wanted to recover the chair myself. His reply was “I have all of the tools if you need them. My grandmother used to reupholster furniture.” I then had a chair and the tools, but not a sewing machine. I got lucky again a few months later when a family friend heard what I wanted to do. She thought it was great and wanted to give me her old sewing machine and table.

Tools that belonged to my husband's grandmother.

(Tools and sewing table that belonged to my husband’s grandmother.)

After finishing my first chair, which sits in my living room today, I was hooked. I started making custom window treatments and reupholstering furniture for friends and family.

(Fabric rack made by my husband’s grandfather.)

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