Sewing for fun

I try squeezing in a few fun sewing projects during the year. Most of the time they are for my tiny kid. I love playing with the fabrics and picking out what to use in each project. Below are some of the things that I have made him and some other tiny people in my life.


Children’s Teepee

This teepee is made from a painters drop cloth and a vintage fabric, which a family friend gave to me. My toddler loves to play in it and we get it out often. It is one of his favorite places to hide, when we play hide and seek.

Pattern used:

Super Kid Capes

I sewed super kid capes for three toddler boys birthdays this year. They are made from a light weight cotton, with a velcro closure. Each cape has the first letter of their first name on back. I had a great time picking out different colored fabrics.

Pattern used:

Baby Blankets

For this project, I did a Hello Kitty theme. They were a baby shower present for a close friend who LOVES Hello Kitty. One side is a flannel Hello Kitty fabric and the other is a pink minky. Both fabrics came from I sewed a 20” x 20” pillow for the mom, a 12” x 16” pillow and a blanket for the baby girl.

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