One of the things that I love about what I do, is hearing the story behind the piece of furniture that I am about to work on. From a piece of furniture being in the family for generations to the ones that were picked up off the side of the road, they all have great stories. For this blog post, I thought I would share some of the stories of the furniture that I have reupholstered.

Naughty Chair

That’s right folks, this chair was nicked named the naughty chair. My client grew up with this chair in her childhood home. When her or her two brothers got in trouble, they had to sit in it for their time out, hence the chairs nickname. When my client shared the chair’s story, we had a great laugh. I think I had tears in my eyes. The chair was reupholstered in a stunning red fabric to match her decor. When her family saw it, they couldn’t believe it was the same chair.

Channel Back Chair – Before & After

One of A Pair

This goose neck rocking chair was originally part of a pair. The owner and her sister each took one from their grandparents home. The chair held many special memories for my client and she asked me to save a piece of the original fabric for her.

Goose Neck Rocking Chair – Before & After

Garage Sale Find

The owners of this child settee picked it up at a garage sale for their grandchildren and called me on their way home. They brought it right over and I quoted it in my driveway with my tiny kid on my back in a hiking backpack. Today, it is enjoyed by all of their grandkids.

Child Settee – Before & After

Road Side Find

The owner of this chair had a vision when she saw it along the side of the road. Loving the shape, she picked it up and took it home. The frame of the chair was painted in white chalk paint and it was reupholstered in a yellow and blue floral fabric to match her office.

Chair – Before & After

I love asking my clients about the piece I am about to work on. I never know the answer I will get. If you would like to see what I am currently working on, please follow me on Facebook or Instagram.

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