When to Reupholster?

There are many good reasons to reupholster. The piece of furniture could have sentimental value. It can be your favorite chair, a family heirloom, or a chair that you remember a family member sitting in all of the time when you were a child. It could be a piece that needs an updated look or has some wear from everyday use. 

Antique rocking chair reupholstery – before and after.

When I talk to clients over piece that they aren’t sure if it is worth investing in, I ask them the following questions.

1. How heavy is it?

Try picking up the piece, if it is really heavy that means it has a solid wood frame and it is reupholstering. Furniture made from hardwood frames are made to last for generations and are worth the investment.

2. Does it have coil springs?

If the piece has a loose cushion, lift it up and feel under it. If you feel springs it is worth redoing. Pieces with eight way tied springs are very comfortable and are made to take the wear of tear of every day use.

Eight way tied coil springs in a sectional.

3. Does it have webbing underneath?

Sometimes, it is hard to tell if there are springs by feeling the top. Another way to tell if there are springs, is by looking underneath for webbing. You can also feel underneath with your hands and see if you can feel the springs. If the piece is older and has webbing it will most likely have springs.

This piece had multiple layers of webbing on it, when it came in. We stripped off all of the old and added new webbing.
Settee with coil springs that can be felt and seen from the bottom.

Some newer or smaller pieces or items that have been reupholstered in the last few years may have webbing with foam over top. This is usually the case with smaller chairs: dinning room chairs, parson chairs, vanity chairs, etc… These chairs are also worth reupholstering if they have hard wood frames.

Vanity chair with webbing and foam.
Dining room chairs with webbing and foam.

4. Do you love the piece?

If it was updated with new fabric and padding, would you love it? This is your chance to take something that you see has potential make it into a custom one of a kind piece of furniture that matches your décor.

Below is a picture of a sofa that I picked up for myself, which I haven’t done yet. It passed all four questions I ask my clients. It is heavy, has springs and webbing and I love it.

Hopefully, these questions will help you decide to invest in reupholstering your furniture. If you have questions or still aren’t sure about your piece of furniture give us a call.

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