Box Cushions vs Bullnose “Waterfall” Cushions

How are they different?

Their are so many options to choose from when having cushions made for your home. From what type of cushion, what fabric(s) and whether to have piping or not. The two cushion types we will be reviewing are box cushions and bullnose cushions, also known as waterfall cushions. Below is a brief overview of both to help you choose the best style for your home.

Box Cushions

Box cushions are what you see most of the time on upholstered furniture and in window seats. They are more formal looking and can have piping or a knife edge (no piping). On a professional custom made box cushion the patterns are matched from the cushion top to the boxing (banding) going around the front and usually have piping. The piping can be a different color to highlight a color in the fabric or to pull in another color in from the room.

Channel back chair with a box cushion.
Custom cushions and pillows
Custom box cushion and bolster pillows.

Bullnose “Waterfall” Cushions

Bullnose cushions are most often seen on outdoor and wicker furniture. These cushions have one piece of fabric that wraps around the top, front and bottom of the cushion and provides a nice smooth rounded front without any seams. The sides and back have boxing. They can also be made with or without piping. Bullnose cushions have a less formal look. They are a great option for fabrics with busy patterns since they are a continuous piece of fabric from top to bottom.

Antique wicker chair with a custom bullnose “waterfall” cushion.
Bullnose “waterfall” cushions made from Sunbrella.

Hopefully this helps you with deciding what cushion type fits your space and style best. If you have any questions give us a call.

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    1. Hi Rebecca,
      Yes, the style of the cushion on your long bench can be changed to a box cushion. It will have to be made with new fabric and the foam inside may need to be replaced depending on the condition it is in.

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