The Upholstery Process: A Picture Review

I found this upholstered child’s slipper chair at a used furniture store that I love to visit and thought it would make the perfect sample. Below is a brief overview of what goes into upholstering a piece of furniture.

Child's Slipper Chair

1. Before Pictures

I always start with taking before pictures of the chair. I use them as a reference as I reupholster the piece.

Slipper Chair - before

Slipper Chair - Before

2. Labeling

Next, I label each piece of fabric. I use the old pieces of fabric for guidance as I put the new fabric on.

Labeling the chair.

3. Tear Down

Tear down to me is the most daunting part. It takes time to remove all of the staples and/or tacks one at a time. To help this part pass I like to listen to audio books or podcasts.

Tearing down the chair.
Starting to tear down – outside back is taken off after the bottom.

While removing the old fabric, I discovered that the chair had two layers of fabric on it.

Outside layer of fabric.
The second layer I found underneath.

4. Frame Repair

After everything is off, I look over the frame and tighten it up where needed. I also touch up the wood.

Chair frame
Bare bones.

For this chair, I decided to paint the legs white. I purchased a clay-based paint by Country Chic Paints from The Board Used Furniture Shoppe in Honey Brook. I wound up painting the legs after the foundation was done since I didn’t have the paint yet.

5. Foundation

Now it is time to put on the new foundation. This chair has webbing on the seat and back with burlap over top. On top of the burlap is an edge roll. For the seat I used edge roll that I keep on hand from my supplier and for the back I needed something much smaller and used some left over piping I made for a previous project.

New chair foundation.

6. New Padding and Fabric

This is my favorite part. I start by padding up the seat and adding the fabric, moving to the inside back and then to the outside back.

Hand sewing on the chair deck.
The deck being hand sewed to the burlap.
Padding up the inside back.
Adding piping around the outside back.

7. Cushion

I made a template for the cushion from brown paper. All of the fabric is cut out and sewed together to make the cushion.

All of the cushion pieces cut out and waiting for the piping to be made.

I hope you like the brief overview of the upholstery process. Each step involves a lot of detail beyond what I covered and every piece is different. I could write multiple blogs on each section.

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