Upholstery is ART

Have you ever thought of a chair or a sofa as art? Some people right away would say yes, while others see a chair or sofa as a place to sit and relax. Upholstery is functional art, that you use in your everyday life. Having a piece custom upholstered, lets you be creative and bring your own personal style and taste into your home… make your mark. The upholsterer is the artist that brings the vision to life, by using fabrics, trims and decorative nails hand picked for your project.

Club Chairs


I recently upholster two chairs for clients who love color and were trying to bring color in their log cabin in the mountains. They had a vision for their chairs, which I was able to create. We succeeded with bringing in color with the fabrics picked, five in total. They fell in love with one fabric and the rest of the fabrics fell into place. The colors in the fabrics coordinated with a rug that they already purchased for the room.



When the chairs were dropped off, we laid out the samples and pinned them onto the chairs on different parts. After laying everything out and discussing what fabric would look best on each piece of the chairs. I used a marker to write down where each fabric was going on the chairs. We discussed what decorative nails and gimp options they had. I also had them do a sit test on different foam densities to see what they liked. By the time my clients left, I had a plan for unique one of a kind upholstered chairs.


Reupholstered Chairs



I love when I deliver a piece or get a photo from a client with the piece in its final home. It’s always fun to see a piece in the space that it was designed for.

At home.If you have a chair that you have a vision for and would like it to become functional art, give us a call. We can help you find the perfect fabric, choose the right cushion type and create a piece of art for your home that you can enjoy for years to come.

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