Box Cushions vs Bullnose “Waterfall” Cushions

How are they different?

Their are so many options to choose from when having cushions made for your home. From what type of cushion, what fabric(s) and whether to have piping or not. The two cushion types we will be reviewing are box cushions and bullnose cushions, also known as waterfall cushions. Below is a brief overview of both to help you choose the best style for your home.

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When to Reupholster?

There are many good reasons to reupholster. The piece of furniture could have sentimental value. It can be your favorite chair, a family heirloom, or a chair that you remember a family member sitting in all of the time when you were a child. It could be a piece that needs an updated look or has some wear from everyday use. 

Antique rocking chair reupholstery – before and after.

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