Giving new life to well loved furniture is what we love to do.

We can reupholster all furniture, from your grandmother’s chair to your favorite fine furniture. We specialize in antique, vintage, custom, fine furniture and sentimental pieces. If the piece fits in your home, is comfortable and solid it is worth investing in. They don’t make furniture like they use to.

When Springwood Upholstery reupholsters your piece of furniture we go over the entire piece. We look at the frame, webbing, springs and padding and make any repairs needed. All of the old fabric is removed before the new fabric is put on and we use higher quality of materials then what is found in mass produced furniture. By the time we are done, your piece will be a custom piece of furniture that will last for many years to come.

Springwood Upholstery provides:

Furniture upholstery
• Custom headboards

Custom cushions
• High density foam
• Pick up and delivery

We have a large selection of fabric books to help you find the right fabric for your project.

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